Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Trikon's $0 Website Offer

A1: It's an exclusive promotion where, upon signing up for new Telco services, you can unlock a professionally crafted 5-page website at no upfront cost.
A2: While the website itself is offered at $0 upfront, it's essential to note that cancellation charges may apply if Telco services are terminated before the contract ends.
A3: The offer includes a 5-page template-based website with tailored design, flexible content options, and a $3500 ex GST voucher for additional services.
A4: Upon successful Telco installation, you'll receive a voucher via email. Act within the 60-day redemption window by completing the provided form to avail the offer.
A5: Yes, there's limited design customization within the free package to align the website with your brand.
A6: Trikon's expert team will guide you through paperwork and onboarding to ensure a smooth start to your website project.
A7: No, the offer and voucher are non-transferable and can only be used for the specified services.
A8: No, this offer cannot be combined with any other Trikon offers.
A9: Contact Trikon via email within the 60-day period for any concerns or issues regarding the voucher.
A10: The offer is valid from 12th Dec 2023 to 31st Jan 2024. Ensure redemption within this period to avail of the benefits.